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Dozens protesting against “most influential tycoon” in Chisinau

Moldova's most influential tycoon Vladimir Plahotniuc. Photo: forum. md

Sunday, on October 4, supporters of the European integration organized a large-scale protest action in the center of Chisinau. 

Tens of thousands gathered outside the Parliament of Moldova holding white chrysanthemums.  This is how the protesters demonstrated their “heavenly thoughts” and peaceful nature of their protest.   Earlier on Saturday, it was announced in Chisinau that provocations and attempts to seize the state establishments are possible.

The protesters and police clashed at least once and several people were detained temporarily.

The rally ended with a march to the office of Vlad Plahotniuc, “the most influential oligarch of Moldova” who, as the protesters say, “controls the entire Moldovan political class.” The protesters were chanting: “Away with Junta!”, “Thieves Go Prison!”, “Away with Alliance!”, “All Power to the People”!

A resolution saying “the state is seized and the power is usurped” was adopted after the protest.  The authors of the resolution suggested the Constitutional Court “to liberate the state and return it to the people.”

The participants reiterated their demand for resignation of the president and the government, for snap nation-wide presidential and parliamentary elections, change of the military command, return of the billion euro stolen from the banking system.  

The protest actions started in Chisinau in early September. The reason was the so-called “theft of the century” – the illegal transfer of $1 billion from three Moldovan banks to offshore companies. For Moldova, it was rather a big amount (1/8 of GDP). The authorities launched additional emission – creation of money – that prompted depreciation of the national currency almost by 20 percent.

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