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“Moral decay of France”: Charlie Hebdo publishes cartoon depicting Syrian drowned toddler

Photo: newsru.com

Scandalous magazine Charlie Hebdo has again garnered criticism of both ordinary people and lawyers for publishing a cartoon depicting the drowned Syrian toddler. While some call the latest issue of the newspaper as “moral decay of France,” others have gone as far as threatening to report the publication to the International Criminal Court.

The body of three-year-old boy, Aylan al-Kurdi, washed ashore as he fled with his family from the Syrian civil war and tried to reach Europe. The photo of the drowned toddler was shared around the world and the EU decided to soften the migration policy.

Charlie Hebdo, in turn, published two cartoons using the image of the drowned child. The print accompanying the image of the toddler reads: “Welcome to the migrants.” A billboard near the body of the toddler reads: “Promo! 2 kids menus for the price of one."

A second cartoon depicts Jesus walking on water next to the drowned boy with the caption: "Proof that Europe is Christian. Christians walk on water - Muslim children sink."

The world’s social media are outraged at these cartoons. Barrister Peter Herbert, Chair of the Society of Black Lawyers and former vice chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority, was among many who said Charlie Hebdo had overstepped the mark, the Mirror writes. In his words, the magazine was a "racist, xenophobic and ideologically bankrupt publication that represents the moral decay of France".

According to the source, the Society of Black Lawyers will consider reporting this as incitement to hate crime & persecution before the International Criminal Court.

Earlier, Charlie Hedbo published also other controversial content mocking the parts of the Malaysian Boeing that disappeared in March 2014. The newspaper published cartoons depicting the Pope and many leading politicians. The editorial office of the controversial newspaper was attacked earlier this year, when it published cartoons mocking Prophet Muhammad. 12 people, including 10 staff members, were killed then.

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