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Ringleaders of international terrorist organization surrounded in a special operation in Dagestan

Ringleaders of an international terrorist organization have been surrounded in the suburb of Buynaksk, Dagestan.

According to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee of Russia, on Apr 20 the local special purpose forces started clearing the debris of a building where the terrorists were hiding.

Some of them were found dead. The others are believed to be hiding in an underground shelter.

“We learned that there were also two women and one child in the building. So as to avoid unnecessary deaths, we decided to organize negotiations with the bandits and to convince them to surrender. As a result, the child was set free, but the women refused to come out. Then the fighters began shooting, so, we were forced to counteract. Their attempts to break out of the building were prevented. Two of them were killed. Tomorrow we are planning to finish the operation,” Spokesman of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee Vadim Druzhinin said.

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