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US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan receives 150 tons of some cargo as diplomatic mail

The Embassy of the United States to Kyrgyzstan has refused to comment on the reports that it has received 150 tons of some cargo as diplomatic mail.

The cargo has been delivered by a Ukrainian air company, namely, Antonov Airlines.

According to 24.kg, an AN-124 arrived at Bishkek’s Manas Airport on Mar 28 and Mar 30. In both cases it came from Abu Dhabi and first time brought 78 tons of cargo in 7 containers and second time 74 tons in 5 containers. As a whole, the US Embassy has received 152 tons in 12 containers.

Both times the cargo was registered as diplomatic mail and was not checked by the Kyrgyz side.

According to the source, shortly before the event in Ukraine in Nov 2013 the US Embassy in Kyiv also received diplomatic cargos.

The security authorities of Ukraine found out that it was boxes containing $60mn in small bills. Later they saw new $20, $50 and $100 bills at Maidan.

Before June 2014 the Manas Airport hosted a US military base. Its agents enjoyed diplomatic immunity, so, all cargoes sent there by the Pentagon were not subject to border and customs control.

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