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Turkey to send delegation to Crimea to get firsthand view of situation with local Tatars

Turkey is set to send an informal delegation to Crimea to assess the situation of local Tatars, Turkey Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek said today, on April 15.

“To reduce our concern and anxiety about the Crimean Tatars, we have decided to set up an informal delegation to Crimea,” he said. “The delegates will get firsthand view of the situation to find answers to many questions. We have close cultural and historical ties with the Crimean Tatars. They have overcome many tragic developments and some could not return to their motherland. We don’t what such thing to happen again.”

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Çiçek said Turkey is concerned over some information it receives from Crimea. Therefore, he said, such issues as negligence of the rights of the Crimean Tatars and the problems on the peninsula are on agenda today.

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