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Prime Minister of Abkhazia Beslan Butba resigns

Prime Minister of Abkhazia Beslan Butba resigned on March 16. A decree on it was signed by President Raul Khajimba, the press office of the Abkhazian president reports. 

First Vice Premier Shamil Adzynba was appointed as interim prime minister. 

The Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to continue preforming its duties until the government has a new staff. 

Earlier, when explaining his resignation reasons to the mass media, Butba said that he could no longer see any point in his activities, because all his powers were devolved on the presidential administration. 

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Beslan Butba is a well-known entrepreneur and politician in Abkhazia. He is the leader of the Party of the Economic Development of Abkhazia. He was a member of the People's Assembly of Abkhazia. During the snap elections in 2014, he supported oppositionist Raul Khajimba. Butba was appointed Prime Minister of Abkhazia in Sept 2014.

To note, following Khajimba’s coming to power, the republic’s leadership has undergone reforms. One of the reforms was the Department of Economy set up under the presidential administration. 

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Published on March 16th, 2015 04:38 PM
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