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Poroshenko asks Rada to let foreign troops into Ukraine

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has submitted for the Supreme Rada’s approval a resolution allowing foreign troops to attend international maneuvers scheduled to take place in the Ukrainian territory in 2015.

According to Ukraine’s defense ministry, this year Ukraine’s armed forces are supposed to take part in 11 international maneuvers. Four of them will take place in the Ukrainian territory.

The 25-day Ukrainian-US Sea Breeze 2015 exercise will take place at military aerodromes and sea ports in Odessa, Mykolaev and Kherson regions and will involve a total of 2,500 people. The Ukrainian side will be represented by 1,000 men, 9 ships, 8 helicopters and 50 vehicles, the US side by 1,000 men, 5 ships, 2 submarines, 40 vehicles, NATO and PfP member states by 500 men, 6 ships, 3 submarines, 6 planes and helicopters and 10 vehicles.

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The 25-day Rapid Trident exercise will involve 2,000 people: 1,000 from Ukraine, 500 from the US and 600 from NATO and PfP member states.

The Ukrainian-Polish 14-day Safe Air 2015 exercise will involve 350 people, with Ukraine to be represented by 250 men, 10 planes and 1 helicopter. One more Ukrainian-Polish exercise will take place in Lviv region and will involve 100 people.

The United States is planning to send to Ukraine at least 300 servicemen under its cooperation program with the Ukrainian armed forces.

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