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Slovak president says Moscow pursues destabilizing policy

Europe continues ignoring “evident Russia’s interference in the policy of EU countries” and does not see “Moscow’s destabilizing policy” that makes the European Union more dependent on Russian energy resources, Slovak President Andrej Kiska said at a security conference in Bratislava on May 17, Reuters reports.

The Slovak leader called the Nord Stream 2 project egoistic and harming for the EU stability. He said the project has serious political consequences, it is a project of purely egoistic economic interests the price of which is stability and wealth of the region.

To remind, the gas pipeline that is being built by Gazprom and five European companies will be laid down the Baltic Sea bottom and will connect Russia and Germany bypassing Ukraine and several Eastern European countries. It will double Russia’s export capacities, while Ukraine along with Poland and Slovakia will lose significant part of their Russian gas transit revenues.

As EADaily reported earlier, Andrej Kiska who is not member of any party and continues sticking to the anti-Russian rhetoric announced that he would not run for presidency at next presidential election.

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