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Putin: Ukraine should prove expediency of maintaining gas transit

Nord Stream-2 is open for other countries to join it, President of Russia Vladimir Putin has said during his talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The president said Nord Stream-2 is favorable for Russia and Moscow would keep struggling for it.

Angela Merkel, in turn, urged the Russian leader to maintain transit via Ukraine despite construction of the new gas pipeline. She expressed readiness to assist Kiev in this issue, though she did not specify what kind of assistance it will be.

In response, Vladimir Putin said Nord Stream-2 is an economic project and its implementation does not mean that transit via Ukraine will be halted. Supplies will be continued, if Kiev proves expediency of the transit, he said.

To recall, the Nord Stream-2 project implies construction of two pipelines extending from Russia via Baltic Sea to Germany. Some countries, including Ukraine, oppose the project. Kiev tries to maintain Russian gas transit, whereas USA plans to export fuel to Europe.

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