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Moldovan president knows parliament won’t approve constitution amendments

Moldovan President Igor Dodon has announced that in the near future amendments to the constitution will be submitted to the parliament that envisage switching to the presidential form of governance.

“Understandably, the parliament will not support the initiative. But we must follow the path stage by stage, because we promised it to the people,” the president noted. 34 MPs are needed to sign the amendments to amend the constitution. According to Dodon, now, 24 MPs do support the initiative, and if ten more do the same, the procedure will be launched at the Constitutional Court. It will take about six months.

“The parliamentary elections will be close to it. If not, we shall go to the parliamentary elections with this idea. This fall, we will take this agenda and state it clearly: dear compatriots, if you want order instead of situations when one party has 17 mandates and controls 60, we suggest that members cannot go from one party to another and we suggest the presidential rule. I think the people will support us,” Igor Dodon concluded.

Since October 2017, the pro-presidential Party of the Socialists of Moldova collected about 1.5 mn signatures for the presidential rule.

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