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Warsaw continues talks for supply of Patriot air-defense systems

Poland is launching talks for a second phase of Wisła air-missile defense system program of the Polish Armed Forces Technical Modernization Plan. Under this program, Warsaw plans to buy Patriot air defense systems from U.S., according to Polish Radio. Defense Minister of Poland Mariusz Błaszczak says a Polish negotiation group is already in U.S. The minister hopes the talks will not be complicated, as the sides had already agreed in the first phase and it is the second phase. Anyway, Mariusz Błaszczak says, Polish delegates do their utmost to get a favorable contract for Poland and buy advanced weapons at a good price.

According to the minister, Wisła and Narew programs ensure Poland’s defense against small and medium-range missiles. A document specifying the cost of advanced weapons for Polish army by 2026 will be prepared by late April.

As EADaily reported earlier, Poland’s Ministry of National Defense and U.S. Defense Ministry agreed on supply of Patriot air defense systems to Warsaw. On March 28, 2018, the sides signed an agreement on the first phase of supplies under which two out of eight Patriots will be supplied to Poland in 2022. On the next day, Mariusz Błaszczak said supplies of Patriot systems will significantly improve the country’s defense capacity.

He called groundless reproaches that Warsaw paid for the systems ($4 billion 750 million) more than other countries that signed contracts with U.S. He said Poland will be among 15 countries to have such air defense systems, but it will receive the newest models that will be available only at the U.S. and Polish armies.

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