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MP: Nord Stream 2 will turn Ukrainian gas transmission system into scrap

Photo: pixabay.com

Member of the Ukrainian Supreme Rada Viktor Baloga has accused President Petro Poroshenko that within his whole term of office he failed to prepare measures in case the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is put into operation. According to Baloga, speaking of Ukraine’s “energy independence” Poroshenko was incorrect in estimating his capabilities.

Baloga is examining possible scenarios in his Facebook account. Particularly, he came to a conclusion that “Russia spares no effort to turn the Ukrainian gas transmission system into scrap” and now “the final chord of the part is to be heard.”

“There is another thing that surprises me most. When Russia was preparing launch of Nord Stream 2 for years, what were Poroshenko and his team doing? When he was bragging about energy independence, did he estimate his effort and capabilities? I don’t think so,” writes the MP.

According to him, at present time, Ukraine has two scenarios: either to have the gas transmission system that nobody needs and pay for the maintenance or to find a partner in the west who can buy it all or a part of it.

“But our gas transmission system is no longer what it was ten years ago. Today, it is potentially either a heap of scrap metal or at least minimal revenue for the treasury. But it is no longer a golden goose, neither it is a tool of geopolitical influence in the continent,” Baloga noted.

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