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Signatures campaign in support of statehood launched in Moldova

A country-wide signature campaign in support of statehood has been launched in Moldova. 21 settlements, including 4 towns have already joined it. They have signed a declaration that condemns propaganda of unionism as an ideology undermining independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova.

The declaration was adopted by a majority of advisors and approved by heads of administrations. “We are sure that citizens of the Republic of Moldova are mostly patriots who believe in the future of their country and unite when anyone attempts to impose different views on them,” says Ion Ceban, a representative of the president. He anticipates hundreds of populated areas to join the signature campaign.

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President Igor Dodon says, “this will calm down the supporters of Moldova’s liquidation and prove that the Moldovan people have their own country and home, where true patriotism awakens every time when something threatens the Moldovan statehood and identity.”

“Unionism games have taken too long. This is already an anti-сonstitutional action. Criminal cases will inevitably reach their ‘heroes’ in due time,” the president said.

As EADaily reported earlier, seven village administrations in Moldova have signed a Declaration to Unite with Romania. President Igor Dodon convened the High Security Council to discuss what he called attempts to undermine sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova.

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