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Moldovan government does not recognize Catalonian independence

The leadership of Moldova supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Spain, the chair of the Moldovan parliament Andrian Candu has announced.

“We will be watching the developments in the kingdom. Hopefully, the decision of the senate will help restoring the constitutional order and rule of law in the whole territory of Spain,” Candu continued.

Earlier, the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration made public a similar note. “The ministry does not recognize unilateral declaration of independence of the Catalonian territory and supports efforts of the Spanish government to solve the crisis in accordance with the constitution of the Spanish kingdom,” the ministry’s press office reports.

The Catalonian parliament voted for declaring independence from Spain on Aug 27. The Senate of the country approved using Article 155 of the constitution based on which the Catalonian government is to be dismissed and direct rule of Madrid is to be introduced in the autonomy with new elections to be held.

Moldova finds itself in a similar situation. The Transnistrian republic declared independence 25 years ago. After an armed conflict, Russian peacekeeping troops were introduced to the region; their mission is still in force. Chisinau did not abandon its territorial claims to Tiraspol. With the assistance of international mediators and monitors, the parties repeatedly participated in negotiations, however, the conflict remains unresolved.

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