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Dodon: Romania should not infringe Moldova's statehood

Former president of Romania Traian Basescu has announced his intention to run for parliament. As he said he would spare no effort to make unification of Romania and Moldova closer. Basescu promised that one of his first steps after getting to the parliament will be establishing a unification ministry.

“We shall establish a unification ministry in Romania; it will be coordinating participation of all state agencies in making the unification closer,” Basescu announced in Chisinau.

Basescu also announced his intentions to take measures to lift fees for Moldovan citizens for restoring the Romanian citizenship: “The Moldovans were stolen the Romanian citizenship; it is wrong that they are paying for having it restored.”

Moldovan president-elect Igor Dodon says that Romanians and Moldovans are “brothers, but each of them should have his own house.”

“I am not anti-Romanian and have never been, but I am anti-Unionist. True, we have common historic routes, we are brothers, but each of us should have his own house. I like Romanians as neighbors and friends, but they should not infringe Moldavia’s statehood,” Dodon concludes.

To remind, previously, Dodon refused to have a meeting with Basescu who is on a Romanian parliamentary election campaign trip in Moldova now.

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