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Donald Trump’s victory is good for Ukraine - MP

Donald Trump’s victory is good for Ukraine, for its people but not for its ruling regime,” Ukrainian MP from the Opposition Bloc Yevgeny Murayev has told EADaily.

“Simply, those who are saying that Ukraine is facing a disaster are the people who have sold out our country. In fact, we have gone from one protectorate to another. The current Ukrainian authorities are doing whatever they are being told to do and do not care much if this is good for their country or not. This is why they are free in what they are doing: in robbing their people and in ruining their economy. Had Clinton won the election, they would continue doing this,” Murayev said.

“They realize that if they lose their support, they will turn into outcasts. If Trump keeps his pre-electoral promises, he will help Ukraine a lot. As far as the conflict in Donbass is concerned, I am sure that the Americans will go out of this process and will leave us alone in the face of this problem. So, we must be more active in fostering peace in that region. We need to decentralize our governance system and to give our regions more powers,” Murayev said.

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Published on November 9th, 2016 09:11 PM
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