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Rahmon finds those guilty of Tajikistan’s problems

Tajik President Emomali Rahmon has urged state-owned mass media to review their policies in line with changing realities. “Now that the world is changing very quickly and is facing clashing geopolitical interests, information is often used to influence politics,” Rahmon said during a meeting with mass media representatives.

He urged the mass media to take measures to prevent information attacks against Tajikistan. “Countries that lose information wars are unable to ensure their security. As we have seen in recent years, all colored revolutions evolved from information campaigns. Today some circles are using mass media for pushing their hostile interests,” Rahmon said.

“Traitors are propagating anti-national ideas and are using mass media for spreading religious radicalism and extremism. As a result, many Tajiks, mostly young people are being manipulated by forces that have no respect for national statehood, secular society, development, science and technologies. This is why many young people are joining terrorist organization, including ISIL,” the Tajik president said.

So, he urges state-owned mass media to prevent information campaigns against Tajikistan and to realize that each word they pronounce should help to enhance their country’s security and should encourage patriotism among the youth. Rahmon said tha foreign TV channels have high influence in society. So, he urged the managers of state-owned mass media to be very careful in selecting our staffs and in presenting their articles.

“Television must be the face of our nation. Our journalists must observe ethical rules and be highly professional and impartial. We need not only news but analyses. Our priority today is our information security. So, our mass media must be more active,” Rahmon said.

Today, Tajikistan has 70 television and radio broadcasting companies, including 9 state-owned TV channels and 10 state-owned radio channels. The 1st Channel covers 99.7% of the country’s territory, Safina amusement channel 84.6%, Bahoriston youth channel 84%, Jahonnamo information-analytical channel 75.7%. But even officially people in some communities in Dushanbe, let along, regions, have bad signal and cannot watch state-owned TV channels. Private channels mostly depend on sponsors and are not often interested in pushing national ideas. Instead, they prefer broadcasting commercials and shows.

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