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Kiev pulls artillery and “Right Sector” militants to Donbass

Ukraine’s armed forces have pulled howitzer battery and militants of the “Right Sector” (extremist organization banned in Russia) to the front line in Donbass, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Defense Ministry reported today, on January 11.  “In Svetlodarsk settlement (Gorlovka), 7km from the engagement line, a cannon battery of the 30th separate merchandized brigade (up to six 122mm howitzers D-30) was registered,” the source reports. “Units of Volunteer Ukrainian Corps (DUK) of the Right Sector have arrived in Spartak settlement, which means that nationalist units have joined Aydar battalion.”

In addition, according to the ministry, Kiev deployed engineer units to prepare and install pontoon ferries in the responsibility zone of the 30th separate motorized rifle brigade in the direction of Gorlovka.

Point 2 of the Package of Measures on the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements that was signed by the Contact Group on February 12 2015 reads: “Withdrawal of all heavy weapons by both sides by equal distances in order to create a security zone of at least 50 km wide from each other for the artillery systems of caliber of 100 and more, a security zone of 70 km wide for MLRS and 140 km wide for MLRS 'Tornado-S', Uragan, Smerch and Tactical Missile Systems (Tochka, Tochka U).”  In line with the alteration made to the Package of Measures in September, the sides should withdraw artillery systems of less than 100mm, as well as tanks and mortars.

EADaily reported that yesterday several militants of the “Right Sector” from Ivano-Frankivsk region opened fire during a squabble at the Dragobrat ski resort in Zakarpattia. Two guards were taken to hospital with stabs and injures. The organization says the incident might be a result of “heavy psychological traumas the militants received during the military actions and now they inadequately respond to external irritants.”

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