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Kazakhstan has made “revolutionary” suggestions on EEU Customs Code, Belyaninov says

Andrey Belyaninov, the Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation. Photo: informpskov.ru

“Serious debates are currently underway on the draft new Customs Code (EEU – EADaily). Many provisions have been agreed upon, but recently our Kazakh colleagues have made several essential changes that make us think how to integrate these suggestions into the draft.  As Kazakhstan joined the World Trade Organization, a big number of waivers connected with the customs administering have emerged,” says Andrey Belyaninov, the Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, in an interview with the Eurasian Communication Center.

He said some of Kazakhstan’s suggestions are “revolutionary.” “For instance, they significantly shift the customs post clearance to the domestic market. The approach to taxation is the same. We are studying these suggestions, as, if included in the draft, they will require changes in other norms too,” Belyaninov said.

As for the other EEU countries, he said the regulatory framework of Russia and Belarus were brought maximum closer yet before the establishment of the Customs Union.

 “A huge work was carried out in our allied country, including bringing the online information bases closer,” Belyaninov said.

“We have no problems with the customs services of Armenia and Kyrgyzstan either. Yet, we need some time. There is, indeed, some technical problems, which is quite normal and objective, considering the period of combined work. The Customs Services have to and must work well and in a team. Otherwise, business will feel that first, and we will receive the alarm immediately,” he said.

He  addressed the possibility of linking the projects of the Great Silk Road and the Eurasian Economic Union, saying it is the next stage. “Europe understands that Chinese goods will be shipped anyway. The question is how they will be shipped.  Chinese colleagues say overland transportation of goods will help saving up to 2-3 weeks. It is rather serious a figure. It is worth working for. Not only the Chinese side, but also Russia should try to gain dividends from that project.  Europe is looking forward for the ‘Great Silk Road.’ I saw that why dealing with my European colleagues.  They want to earn and understand logistics,” Belyaninov said. “It is better to lead the process rather than impede it. Goods will be imported anyway.”

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