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MP: Supporters of pragmatic relations with Russia may come into power in Latvia

The Unity party may soon lose the status of the leading one in Latvia. If they are replaced by the Union of Greens and Farmers, there is a hope that Latvia’s foreign policy will change, Latvian opposition MP Andrey Klementyev said in an interview to Latvian Radio 4.

“Unity’s rating is falling and only a very charismatic leader can save that party. But instead of looking for one, they all have hidden behind the back of Laimdota (Straujuma, Prime Minister of Latvia - EADaily), who is in no way a charismatic person. Nobody respects her today. So, Unity’s rating will continue falling. Unless they refresh their government by the beginning of the next year, they may stop existing as a political force in some three years,” Klementyev said.

He believes that most of Unity’s regional MPs will go to the Union of Greens and Farmers. “Very soon the Union will become the biggest political force in Latvia. One of the most probable candidates for its leader is Martins Bondars (the leader of the Association of Regions - EADaily). Inguna Sudraba (For Latvia from the Heart party - EADaily) is also scoring points and may soon become quite weighty in the parliament,” Klementyev said.

He believes that the Union’s hegemony will give new opportunities to Unity, a force supported by Russian-speaking voters. “In some two or three years we may start negotiations with Unity about changes in the Cabinet. Naturally, if you ask our members now, they will say, we will never negotiate with the “reds”! But today there are few politicians in the Union who are strongly against cooperation with Unity,” Klementyev said.

The leader of the Union of Greens and Farmers Aivars Lembergs is one of the major oligarchs in Latvia and an advocate of pragmatic foreign policy. He is against provocations and senseless conflicts with Russia and is sure that the Latvians will prosper if it has good neighbor relations with the Russians.

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