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Poll: 77% Russians sure government will protect them against terrorists

"No to Terror!". Photo: u-f.ru

More than three fourth of the Russian citizens are sure the authorities will protect them against terror assaults, according to the latest poll conducted by the VCIOM Russian Public Opinion Research Center.

In response the question “Do you think the Russian authorities are able to protect the population against new terror assaults?”, 32% of the respondents answered “yes, with certainty,” 45% said “rather yes.” In a similar poll conducted a year ago, in September 2014, 16% gave the first answer, another 52% - the second one. Consequently, the number of the Russian citizens who are sure that the government will protect them against terrorists has increased by 9%.

Simultaneously, the number of the respondents who are afraid of terror assaults has increased too. In response to the question “Are you frightened that you or your relatives may become a victim of a terror attack?”, 65% of the polled say “yes” now, while that number was by 7% less a year ago.

23% say the main terror threat comes from “the Islamic State” terrorist group banned in Russia. A year ago, no respondents mentioned this type of threat.

The poll was conducted on October 17-18, 2015 among 1,600 people in 130 communities of 46 regions of the Russian Federation.

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