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Lukashenko: There is no need in creating Russian air base in Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

In an interview with the Latvian television, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said the weapons purchased by Minsk are not aimed against the Baltic states. However, he said, in case of a NATO-Russia conflict, Belarus will support Russia, Lsm.lv reports.

Alexander Lukashenko said he thinks there is no need in creating a Russian air base in the territory of Belarus.  It is connected with the fact that Belarus, which is in a military alliance with Russia, covers its area of responsibility– the Western direction – on its own. “We are in a military and political union with Russia, like Latvia in NATO. We have separate areas of responsibility. We are in the West, at close quarters with the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance. Therefore, we do not want to war, and we always say this, but keep powder dry,” Lukashenko said.

The president said Russia and Belarus created a new military group consisting mainly of the Belarusian Army in the west. “It is a 70,000-strong group. Our army is constantly modernized. We closely follow the conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, previously in Iraq and other regions. We study the methods of these conflicts and draw the necessary conclusions adjusting our armed forces to these conflicts. We have reorganized our army trice. The point is that in case a conflict emerges in the West, God forbid, Belarus army is capable of settling the problem. Russia will support us with its armed forces within a few days.”

Lukashenko said Belarus acquired S-300 missile systems from Moscow to settle its air-defense problems. Belarusian specialists have modernized the systems and “they cover all the directions” now. “If Russia supported us with missile systems, we would not have to spend money on creations of such missile systems and ‘Polonez’ (multiple launch rocket system - EADaily).  Its action range is 200km. It is not aimed against Latvia, don’t worry! These rockets can fly over Latvia and hit targets in the Baltic Sea. Today, we are working also on other systems that will make war against Belarus impossible. Fighter jets, even a regiment of such, will not chill the NATO forces, while rockets will do,” Lukashenko said.

“You should know: if you tell us that you are going to war against Russia from your territory or from Poland, we will unleash war against you immediately. We will be protecting Russia here, in Belarus, not in Ukraine and somewhere round there in Syria. We ought to protect the Russian land here.  In a few days we will receive fighter jets, cruise missiles etc. etc. etc. Do I make myself clear?”

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