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Former Moldovan premier may face 15 years in prison

Former Moldovan premier Vlad Filat. Photo: ff. md

Moldova’s law enforcement is investigating a criminal case against former prime minister, leader of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Moldova (LDPM) Vladimir Filat, attorney Adriana Betisor said on October 16.

According to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova, Filat may face up to 15 years in prison, a fine for up to 200,000 lei, disqualification to hold certain positions or engage in certain activity within 10-10 years.

As EADaily reported earlier, Chief Prosecutor Corneliu Gurin asked parliament to strip Filat of his immunity. Gurin said in the parliament he has irrefutable evidence that Filat, while being the prime minister, was directly involved in especially dangerous crimes, embezzlement of hundreds of millions of dollars and suppression of evidences.

Afterwards, Filat was taken to the isolation ward of the National Anti-Corruption Center for questioning for 72 hours on suspicion of complicity in the Banca de Economii case and withdrawal of hundreds of millions of euros from the banking system. Attorneys intend to appeal to the court for Filat’s arrest.

In the evening of October 15, Vladimir Filat’s office and house were searched with the approval of attorneys. The LDPM leader is suspected of “passive corruption in especially big amount” and “influence peddling.”

LDPM, in turn, has disseminated a statement condemning the scenario of stripping Vladimir Filat of his deputy immunity.

“All the procedures in the parliament were held hastily. The parliamentarians were not given enough time to analyze the package of documents, which proves that it was a political order, judiciary is not independent and justice is selective. In fact, those responsible for withdrawal of money from Banca de Economii try to find a scapegoat and distract public attention from their crimes,” LDPM said in the statement

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