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Soyun Sadykov: In Syria Russia is saving the honor of Islam

In Syria, Russia is not fighting for Shias or Sunnis but for peace and security in the region and for true Islam, President of the Strategic Development Modeling Center, former President of Azer-Ros Federal National-cultural Autonomy of Azerbaijanis, an outstanding member of the Azerbaijani community of Russia, Soyun Sadykov says in an interview to EADaily.

“In its effort to support Syria, Russia is facing resistance from the true enemies of Islam, the United States and its allies, who are trying to turn the conflict against us. Their propaganda machine is trying to convince the world that Russia is supporting Shias against Sunnis. Their goal is to set Sunnis against us,” Sadykov says.

According to Sadykov, the short-term goal of the West’s anti-Russian campaign is to split Russia’s Muslims and to set them against President Putin, while the long-term goal is to divide Russia and its natural resources. “The West is remunerating some wrong-minded politicians and public figures in Russia for charges against their own country. I think there must be no such statements in a country where Sunnis and Shias live in peace,” Sadykov says.

For Sadykov, it is obvious why the West is trying to raise Sunnis against Russia. “Sunni Islam is official religion in the Arab world, North Africa, Northern India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey. In the post-Soviet territory, it is practiced in Central Asia. In Russia it is widespread in the North Caucasus, Crimea, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. In any Russian city you will find lots of Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Turkmens and Kyrgyz. All of them are Sunnis. The Shia world is smaller: Afghanistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Lebanon. So, the goal of the anti-Russian strategy is to raise the world’s Sunnis against Russia and also to put Sunnis at odds with Shias both inside and outside our country,” Sadykov says.

“Russia is not fighting for Sunnis or Shias but for true Islam against war. Its goal is peace and security in the region. We advocate untied Islam and united Syria. Russia does not divide Muslims into Sunnis and Shias. It is saving the honor of Islam,” Sadykov says.

He advises Russian mass media and political experts not to yield to provocations by their counterparts from the United States, the European Union and Saudi Arabia. “They must be very responsible and accurate in presenting our policy, which is simple: we advocate united Islam. Our Sunnis and Shias live in peace. Our journalists and experts must make this known to the world. Our Islamic leaders must inform our youths about Russia’s role and goals in its fight against ISIL,” Sadykov says.

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