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Peskov blames United State for attempts to restrict sovereignty of Vatican

Russian president’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. Photo: Алексей Никольский / РИА Новости

Russian president’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov says U.S. Ambassador to Vatican Ken Hackett’s statement addressed to Pope Francis was a blatant attempt to restrict the sovereignty of other country.  Peskov called such behavior inadmissible in the international relations.

“Lecturing, or even claiming the right to lecture the Pope is a big responsibility,” Dmitry Peskov said. “Perhaps, this is a blatant attempt to restrict sovereignty of other nations. This is what the Russian president never agreed with, and now categorically opposes."

EADaily reported earlier that a few hours before the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis, U.S. Ambassador Hackett urged Vatican to take a tougher stand on Russia’s actions in Ukraine.  The ambassador claimed that Russia backs rebels and the Russian troops are in the territory of Ukraine. He said the meeting with President Putin could be a chance for the pontiff to express concern over the issue.

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