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Tymoshenko slams work of foreign ministers in Ukrainian government

Ukrainian MP Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of the Batkivshchyna Party faction in the parliament, has slammed the activity of the ministers – foreign nationals in the government of Ukraine. She says the foreigners are not familiar with the specifics of Ukraine’s economy. Therefore, people who know well how the shadow economy develops must be brought to power.  

Talking to 112 Ukraine TV, Tymoshenko addressed the involvement of foreign nationals into the political and economic life of Ukraine. “People who know well how the shadow economy develops, people who are well informed how clans are connected with politics and how they have earned money from politics for years, must be brought to power. Meantime, foreign nationals do not feel that,” the politician said.

Tymoshenko said foreigners do not see where “money outflows from the budget into private pockets.” “They cannot feel that, it is a highly technological game when the last penny is seized from country, but foreigners simply have no idea how and through which channels it is done,” the people’s deputy said.

In this light, Tymoshenko said, high-ranking officials of the country, ministers, heads of the key state institutions should not be the henchmen of big clans.

After the 2014 elections in Ukraine, foreign nationals have acquired nationality to get top posts in Ukraine. Particularly, Finance Minister is Natalie Jaresko (USA), Minister of Economic Development and Trade is Aivaras Abromavicius (Lithuania), and Health Minister is Aleksandr Kvitashvili  (Georgia). Eka Zguladze, a citizen of Georgia, was appointed as Deputy Interior Minister.

Foreign nationals occupy also the posts of the advisors to many ministers and even the president of Ukraine. 

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