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Timoshenko issues ultimatum to Ukrainian government

Yuliya Timoshenko, leader of the Batkivschyna Party, has demanded Ukraine’s Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk to half the tariffs of the public services for the population within two weeks. The leader of the coalition party announced this on the Inter TV, yesterday.

“We have demanded the Government to half the heat and gas consumption standards.  It will at least half the tariffs for the public services. We hope Yatsenyuk will do it within two weeks,” Timoshenko said.

The politician said if the Cabinet fails to take the necessary measures to reduce the tariffs, Batkivschyna Party will publicly demand reduction of the tariffs at the Supreme Rada “so that the Government could not deny its groundless and unfair actions against the people.”

Timoshenko said the International Monetary Fund did not demand that the tariffs for public services are increased that high.

 “I have worked with the IMF for many years.  What they demand is a market-based rate – the one that did not lead to losses,” Timoshenko said.

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She said that a market-based tariff for gas is 3,505 hryvnia per 1000 cu m. “The Government has set 7,188 hryvnias.  It is twice as high as the required minimum. It is directed to Naftogaz National Joint Stock Company, to the continuous corrupt deals. IMF does not demand making the people pay through nose,” she said.

“Batkyvschina” is part of the coalition that has no alternative. However, in the coalition there is no agreement on such inhumane attitude to the people,” she said.  Timoshenko believes that in Ukraine they have chosen the wrong strategy of shock therapy. 

EADaily reported earlier that gas tariffs for the population in Ukraine have increased 3.3-fold in average since April 1, amid 72% increase in heat tariffs. In addition, the first increase in electric power tariffs was registered (by 2017 it will increase 3.5-fold). Water rate will increase from 1% to 101% starting May 1.

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