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Shadow government of Ukraine comes out of shadow

Ukrainian opposition Cabinet has a plan of action aiming at establishing peace in Ukraine, decentralizing the country and opening its market for the whole world, opposition prime minister Boris Kolesnikov said in an interview to Inter TV.

“Our top priority is peace as without peace there will be no stability. One more priority is to restart Donbass so that people could get wages and pensions, could pay taxes and earn money from exports. This will quickly stabilize hryvnia,” Kolesnikov said.

“Our next priority is our Constitution. We should decentralize the country, make the government closer to people. If Donbass needs something for peace, we must accept this. All of our regions must have equal powers,” Kolesnikov said.

He said that Ukraine’s market must be opened for the EU, the Customs Union, North America and Southeast Asia. “Only then will we be able to repay our debts and to develop our country,” Kolesnikov said.

When asked if the opposition was going to have revenge, Kolesnikov said, “What is revenge? When for four years one USD equaled eight UAH? Is this revenge? If yes, well, we want such revenge. When wages were $650 in Kiev and $550 in Donetsk. Yes, we want such revenge. Let’s ask people if they want such revenge in economy or not. I think the answer is known,” Kolesnikov said.

On Mar 31 member of the Opposition Bloc Oleksandr Vilkul announced formation of a shadow government to be led by Boris Kolesnikov. The key task of the opposition cabinet will be to bring the country out of crisis, to protect Ukrainians and to fight corruption.

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