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Pushkov: US Ambassador to the Czech Republic has thrown a conniption fit about Zeman’s May 9 visit to Moscow

According to Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of Russia’s State Duma Alexey Pushkov, the behavior of US Ambassador to the Czech Republic Andrew Schapiro, who recently criticized the intention of Czech President Milos Zeman to visit Moscow for attending the celebrations of the 70th year of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, was a conniption fit.

“Judging from the hysteria of the US Ambassador to the Czech Republic, they in Washington are worried about the plans of some western leaders to visit Moscow on May 9. They are worried because they are not able to isolate us,” Pushkov said on Twitter.

While speaking on Czech TV a few days ago, Schapiro slated Zeman for his plans to visit Moscow on May 9. Zeman said that he would not let any ambassadors advise him on where he should go.

“I'm afraid, after this statement the doors of the Prague Castle are closed for Ambassador Schapiro,” Zeman said. “I cannot imagine a Czech ambassador in Washington giving advice to the US president on where he should travel,” Zeman said. “I will not let any ambassador interfere with the program of my foreign trips,” he said.

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