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Azerbaijani defense ministry calls Armenians not to send their children to death in name of senseless ideas

The statement made by Armenia’s Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan is “one more tale by a butcher who has stained his conscience and honor with the blood of innocent people,” says a statement by Azerbaijan’s defense ministry.

“The man that slaughtered kids, women and old people in Khojaly and other occupied Azerbaijani territories has no moral right to speak about humanity and to insult the Azerbaijani people, who are fighting to liberate their occupied lands,” the Azerbaijani defense ministry says.

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The ministry notes that “for many years already, the Armenian people have been paying for the towering ambitions of Seyran Ohanyan and the country’s criminal leadership in coffins they find at their doors each day.”

“We urge the Armenian parents not to send their children to death in the name of senseless ideas – for until the last Armenian occupant leaves the Azerbaijani land, you will face even more dreadful losses,” the ministry says.

As was reported earlier, during the funeral of Armenian servicemen killed as a result of a ceasefire regime violation by Azerbaijan, Ohanyan said that the Armenians were full of revenge and promised a tough punishment.

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