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In Kiev, the appearance of a "new type of weapon" against Russian KABOV was announced

Aviation bombs at the airfield of the Russian Aerospace Forces multi-purpose fighter aircraft. Photo: Valentin Kapustin / RIA Novosti

Ukrainian volunteer Sergei Pritula announced the imminent appearance in the Armed Forces of Ukraine of an "effective new type of weapon" against Russian long-range planning bombs (adjustable aerial bombs, KAB).

"There is one specific technical solution that was thought of here in Ukraine. Tests of this new type of weapon are currently underway, and if they are successful, the case will be put on the conveyor belt," Pritula said in an interview with Ukrayinska Pravda published on the eve of July 2.

He did not name any other details regarding the "new type of weapon" against Russian terrorists.

Commenting on the "weapons announcement" of a Ukrainian volunteer, the local edition of Defense Express, which specializes in military topics, notes that currently there are only a few types of possible neutralizing influence on Russian planning bombs.

"The first is their destruction, for which, of course, anti—aircraft missile systems (SAMs) can be used, but it is impossible to call it an effective way. Moreover, the appearance of the Ukrainian air defense system, obviously, would have been announced somewhat differently. If not the SAM, then the next candidate for the destruction of KABS may be automated anti-aircraft installations such as the ship's Phalanx CIWS or its ground-based version Centurion C-RAM, which, by the way, Ukraine has repeatedly requested. But, as in the case of the SAM, this is a full-fledged development that takes years and costs hundreds of millions of dollars, which is directly evidenced by the experience of South Korea. There are also alternative methods of neutralization: combat lasers or directed microwave radiation. But all this, even in Western countries with their huge budgets, did not come out at the prototype stage, which is an excellent example of the British Dragon Fire (directed energy laser weapon technology. — Ed.)," the publication says.

Kiev analysts further speculated that Russian BOArs "can also be countered by jamming their satellite navigation."

"This is not news, but the problem is that the enemy uses navigation modules of the type "Comet-M" in them, which have high noise immunity. That is why it is difficult to call electronic warfare the final solution. Therefore, it is quite possible that we are talking about other methods of counteraction, the principle of which is not on the surface," concludes Defense Express.

It should be noted that the very fact of the announcement of the development of an "effective new weapon" by a certain Ukrainian volunteer makes the situation comical. Apparently, this is another self-promotion against the background of increasing unrest in the military-political leadership of the Kiev regime.

Earlier, military experts in Kiev, complaining about the total superiority of the Russian Army in the use of planning, or correctable, aerial bombs, which demonstrated their super-effectiveness in the zone of a special military operation, suggested that the upgraded SM-6 anti-aircraft missile "can solve the problem with the Russian Aerospace Forces."

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