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Shoygu: Situation in Afghanistan fraught with terrorists getting into CIS

The situation in Afghanistan has not become more stable which gives an opportunity to terrorist groups to get into neighboring countries, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu has said today, on May 22, at his talks with his Uzbek counterpart Abdusalom Azizov in Tashkent.

According to Shoygu, the military and technical cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan has “an absolutely certain and very significant nature.”

“First of all, it is connected with all those risks and threats that are near Uzbek borders. One should mention here the growing threat of global terrorism that comes from Syria to neighboring countries including Uzbekistan,” he stressed.

“We cannot state today that the situation in Afghanistan has become more stable or secure. In this connection, militant groups that are leaving Syria move to Afghanistan as well. The training of military specialists and those who is ready to stand up to protect interests of the state is of top importance here,” the Russian minister said.

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