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Elections in Turkey: first after transition to presidential system

Turkey will hold snap presidential and parliamentary elections on June 24. According to Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey, there are 59 391 328 eligible voters, including over 56.3 million in Turkey, Anadolu government news agency reported today.

Candidates for the parliament of 27th convocation represent the following parties: The Justice and Development Party (AKP), the Great Unity Party (BBP), the Independent Turkey Party (BTP), Republican People’s Party (CHP), Democrat Party (DP), the Republican People’s Party (CHP), People’s Democratic Party (HDP), Free Cause Party (HÜDA PAR), Good Party (İYİ Parti), the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), the Felicity (Saadet Partisi), and Homeland Party (Vatan).

For the first time in Turkey’s political history parties can run for parliament uniting into political blocs. For instance, AKP and MHP have formed a coalition called People’s Alliance. Another four parties CHP, İYİ Parti, Saadet Partisi and DP have united into National Alliance bloc.

Constitutional amendments adopted via referendum on April 16 2017 will come into force at upcoming elections. In particular, the number of seats in the parliament will increase from 550 to 600. The prime minister’s post will be eliminated. The president will lead the executive power and appoint ministers. An institute of vice presidents will be introduced. The parliament will no longer control the government, but it can study impeachment cases if it is supported at least by 301 out of 600 parliamentarians. Secret voting on president’s impeachment will be held within one month. To announce impeachment, at least three-fifth (361 votes) of total parliamentarians will be required. To announce snap parliamentary elections, at least 360 votes of parliamentarians will be needed.

Citizens of Turkey residing abroad will have an opportunity to vote in the period from June 7 to 19. Polling stations will open in 60 countries and 123 diplomatic offices.

If a second round of presidential election is required, voting outside Turkey will be conducted on June 30 – July 4 i.e. 5 working days.

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