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Transnistria urges Moldova to stop economic blockade

Transnistrian Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatyev while meeting political representatives of Moldova has announced that introducing a joint Moldovan-Ukrainian monitoring of a section of the Transnistrian border is a sign of destructive position of Chisinau and does not promote the negotiation process to settle the Dniester conflict.

According to Ignatyev, even at the initial stage of the border cooperation program implementation Transnistrian companies faced restrictive measures that resulted in worsening social and economic situation in the region. He called such approach of the Moldovan side inhumane and urged to stop the blockade of the region.

“I am calling the Moldovan political representative go back to the negotiation table on the issue of joint control in order to find mutually admissible compromises in this field and prevent from possible negative consequences,” he addressed Kristina Lesnik who represents the official Chisinau at the talks.

Tiraspol hopes that the discussions will be continued in the near future.

On April 12, the Ukrainian president signed a decree to ratify a treaty on joint border control with Moldova. The treaty concerns the Transnistrian section as well.

Tiraspol called the measures another stage of the economic blockade. Transnistrian President Vadim Krasnoselsky announced his intention to summon the Security Council for reciprocal measures.

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