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Pashinyan: Tomorrow, whole Armenia should take to the streets

Photo: photolure.am

The leader of #MyStep movement, opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan has addressed the protesters at the Square of France in Yerevan downtown and called them to continue blocking the streets and hamper tomorrow’s parliamentary voting on election of Armenian prime minister. Pashinyan returned to the protesters after having treatment in hospital: he had been wounded in clashes at the Baghramyan Avenue.

He called today’s protest actions a success, adding that the demonstrators managed to achieve a U-turn in the political situation in the country and prove that the people would not tolerate “Azerbaijanization” of Armenia.

The politician called to block tomorrow all streets leading to the National Assembly. He said, all possible means are to be used for it. He also addressed residents of Yerevan suburbs calling them to close down interstate roads and come to the capital to participate in the action.

“We need to start right now, streets are to be blockaded this night. Tomorrow, the whole Armenia should take to the streets; we should let this cursed session,” he stressed. He also announced that the actions must be decentralized, so that police could not concentrate in a single place.

As EADaily reported earlier, after the constitutional reform was approved at a referendum in 2015, the country switched from the presidential to parliamentary system of governance. On April 9, Armen Sargsyan became president of the republic, while Serzh Sargsyan’s term was completed. Serzh Sargsyan can be the new Armenian prime minister who will accumulate all power levers in his hands. He is the only candidate of the ruling party that has a majority at the parliament.

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