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Serbian politician: Everything has just started in Kosovo

Milica Jurjevic. Photo from her personal social network account

Serbia has been committed to dialogue with Pristina for years and mostly acted to the detriment of its national and state interests. Belgrade have implemented all the terms of the Brussels Agreement, whereas within five years, the self-proclaimed Kosovo pseudo-state has failed to implement even a single commitment i.e. to form Association of Serbian Municipalities in Kosovo. Milica Jurjevic, a member of Zavetnici Party made such statement to EADaily. Despite all concessions of Serbia, the Kosovo separatists showed that they do not want to make an agreement and concessions, she said.

Jurjevic recalled that Belgrade has been experiencing permanent pressure within the recent months. They seek to make Serbia sign the legally-binding agreement with Pristina, formally and de-jure recognize the so-called independence of Kosovo and agree on its accession to UN. Albania keeps threatening it with intervention into the north of Kosovo and Metohija, where overwhelming majority of population are Serbs. It is a strategically important territory, the Serbian politician said. According to Jurjevic, murder of one of the Kosovo Serbs' representatives Oliver Ivanovic (on Jan 16, 2018) was used by Pristina government as a reason to declare that territory instable and take it under control of pseudo-state.

«Yesterday's terror attack in Kosovska Mitrovica was committed by the Pristina government and orchestrated by their Western patrons. The goal was to corner Serbs and force them to make more concessions. They demonstrated violence to create an impression that they control everything in the north and south of the Ibar River,» Milica Jurjevic said.

How can they discuss prolongation of talks with Separatists under aegis of Brussels, if head of the Serbian delegation was publicly attacked in Pristina streets, the Serbian politician asked rhetorically?

«Evidently, European Union has lost its authority and can no longer be a legitimate mediator in further talks. Considering that U.S. both directly and indirectly participates in the Kosovo settlement, the only way out for Serbia may be a new format of talks involving Russia — its lawyers, diplomats and experts in geopolitics,» she said.

The politician believes that Serbia needs to prevent formation of the so-called army of Kosovo. The UN SC Resolution 1244 on Kosovo does not mention such «army», and if created, it will become a legal terror group in the territory of southern Serbia, Milica Jurjevic said. «Many thought that political processes in Kosovo have ended, but I think that everything has just started,» she said for conclusion.

As EADaily reported on March 26, Marko Djuric was seized by militants of the ROSU unit in Kosovska Mitrovica, then taken to Pristina and deported from Kosovo. After the incident, members of the Serb List party at the «parliament» of the separatist territory decided to leave Pristina-controlled power institutions and to establish the Community of Serb Municipalities on their own. Under the 2013 Brussels Agreement, Kosovo Serbs must unite in an association which has been strongly opposed for five years already by the separatist authorities.

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