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Fire at Kemerovo shopping mall reportedly started in kids’ ball pit

Photo: sibnet.ru

The cause of the fire at a Kemerovo shopping mall seems to be found. Experts of the Russian Emergency Ministry Fireguard Laboratory investigated where the fire that claimed 64 lives started. The flame reportedly broke out in a kids’ ball pit. After that the fire spread to a net that was stretching from the ceiling and went upwards, Mash Telegram channel reports today, on March 28.

The flame reached an indoor climbing wall, making pieces of burning enameled cloth flying in all directions. On that moment, the flame burned electrical wires and the electricity was automatically turned off in the whole trade center.

Ropes stretched under the ceiling in the kiddie corral caught fire and started falling setting on fire more parts of walls and floor. The soft floor made of combustible materials blazed up immediately. The properly functioning ventilation system added up by dispersing flames and fume to neighboring rooms.


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