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Arrested Nadezhda Savchenko announces presidential ambitions

Photo: Facebook.com/Savchenko.Nadiia

Nadezhda Savchenko has posted a campaign ad in her Facebook account saying she intends to run for presidency at the coming presidential election in Ukraine.

In the ad, Sachenko is shown standing in a room where she takes off vyshyvanka (a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt), puts on a sailor shirt and military outfit with combat boots and says: “I know what to do and I have made the decision to act. The time will come and I will be a candidate for Ukrainian presidency, but I need your decision right now.”

As EADaily reported earlier, on March 22, the Ukrainian Supreme Rada under a request of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office gave its consent for stripping Savchenko of her parliamentary immunity, taking her into custody and arresting. The prosecution insists that she violated several articles of the Ukrainian Criminal Code and faces from five years to life sentence.

On March 23, the court ruled that Savchenko will remain in custody till May 20 without bail. The defense appealed the ruling on arrest, Savchenko said she was going on a hunger strike.

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