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Kosovo separatists present new territorial claims to Serbia

“Chairman of the Kosovo parliament” Kadri Veseli has denied a possibility of territories exchange between Belgrade and Pristina, but he has not opposed accession of two Serbian municipalities, Presevo and Medveđa, by Kosovo. “My strongest wish is that Presevo and Medveđa join Kosovo. We would be happy to sign an agreement on it, if Serbia gives its consent. But we have nothing to give away,” Veseli said in an interview to Т7 channel.

According to Veseli, stressing the border issue in the Balkans has always been a reason for war. Nevertheless, the representative of the separatists who earlier threatened in his statements that “Kosovo will reach Nis,” would not oppose discussing with Belgrade the possibility of annexation of the Presevo Valley to Kosovo.

“We are open for possible accession of this part to Kosovo. Naturally, we are interested in it becoming a part of our republic. The period of conflicts is over. Now, the period of dialog has come,” Veseli said.

According to him, at the meetings of Belgrade and Pristina representatives with international mediators the subject of “exchanging territories” was never discussed.

As EADaily reported earlier, the dialog on “normalization of the relations” is being held between Belgrade and Pristina under mediation of the European Union. Pristina insists the Kosovo independence proclaimed one-sidedly in 2008 is a fait accompli, while Belgrade does not recognize the secession of part of its territory and insists upon a kind of “compromise decision” on Kosovo. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that he would make public his scenario on the Kosovo issue settlement in April.

In mid-2017, Vucic initiated a “domestic dialog” on future of Kosovo and Metohija in order to hear the public opinion on the issue. In the very beginning of the dialog, “the exchange of territories” (Presevo and Medveđa for north of Kosovo and Metohija) was discussed in the media as a possible scenario.

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