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Shoygu: Russia has got weapons decades ahead of its rivals

Russia has created cutting-edge weapons that are many years, in some respects, decades ahead of its rivals, Sergey Shoygu, Russia's Defense Minister, stated on March 1.

"These weapons are capable of penetrating current and future missile defense systems. What is being created in Poland, Romania and Alaska and slated to be set up in South Korea and Japan - this anti-missile umbrella - will turn out to be having holes in it. I really do not know why they should spend such money on this umbrella now," Shoygu said, commenting on the information voiced by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in his annual Address to the Federal Assembly.

As EADaily informed early, President Vladimir Putin announced Russia has strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, which have unique features. In particular, it was about the hypersonic missiles, avoiding the American ABM (anti-ballistic missile), the underwater nuclear-capable drones, as well as the newest air-defense systems, non-ballistic missiles and laser weapons. All of it was developed by Russian specialists in recent years and is in military use already.

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