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Intelligence: Russia No.1 threat for Georgia, key partner is Turkey

Russia "occupied the territories of Georgia" and, "certainly, poses a threat," head of the Georgian Intelligence Service Davit Sujashvili has announced at the parliament, speaking at a joint meeting of the defense and security committees, international affairs and the Diaspora and the Caucasus.

"The Intelligence Service provided an information briefing that covered the vision of the service in connection with the ongoing processes on the global arena. We talked about many countries. For example, Russia occupied our territories, and naturally, Russia is a threat. Turkey is the main political partner of Georgia, I can only say this. We have close relations with many countries. From this point of view, I would single out the United States," Sujashvili said.

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According to the head of the Intelligence Service, terrorism is a real danger not only for Georgia, but for the world, and the country should be ready for these challenges.

Chairman of the parliamentary committee of defense and security Irakli Sesiashvili, who also attended the closed meeting, noted that the topic of specific threats and challenges for the country's security was discussed.

"It is well known that the No.1 threat for our country is the occupied territories. This is understandable to everyone. In addition, the region is overlapping the interests of large states, so we need to determine the right policy to defend our country. I will refrain from disclosing more detail. This is a working process for MPs to be informed about the dangers and risks in the region," Irakli Sesiashvili said.

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