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Arrests in Macedonia: authorities jailing opponents of NATO

The Macedonian Criminal Court remanded in custody for 30 days 13 individuals in the case of violence in the Assembly (Macedonian parliament) that occurred in April 2017, when ethnic Albanian Talat Jafari was elected the speaker of the parliament. During the incident in the parliament, acting Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was also hurt. Six more of the 24 persons involved in this case were put under house arrest.

"The main prosecutor's office in Skopje yesterday launched an investigation against 36 individuals on suspicion of a ‘terrorist threat’,” the MIA Macedonian agency reported on November 29. Macedonian journalist and TV host Milenko Nedelkovski presented to EADaily his vision of the events related to the April incident in the Macedonian parliament.

What happened in the Macedonian parliament is no different from other similar incidents that occur in parliaments around the world. But people were arrested here who neither killed nor injured anyone, hit or sent to hospital. They simply participated in rallies in Skopje, defending their state.

After the provocative election of ethnic Albanian Talat Jafari as speaker of the parliament as a result of unconstitutional and illegal voting, people entered the parliament hall, and some of the incoming members hit several MPs from the SDU party (the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia - EADaily). However, they only got slight injuries. And among those people who are now arrested, there is no one who resorted to physical violence. They were the organizers of the processions, and I do not think that then anyone could prevent individual incidents. Moreover, today new details emerge, on the basis of which it becomes clear that these incidents were staged by the US embassy in Macedonia.

Thus, Igor Durlovski, an opera singer with a worldwide reputation, actor Vlado Jovanovski, film director Boris Damovski were put under arrest. Today, six deputies from the VMRO-DPMNE party (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization - Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity - EADaily) were also deprived of immunity, and the court intends to decide on their arrest. Chairman of the VMRO party Nikola Gruevski said that he decided to resign.

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Along with this, today the court released Albanian terrorists, participants in the massacre on Smilkovci Lake. A few years ago on the Easter eve, the most important Christian holiday, four teenagers and one fisherman who were fishing on the small lake near Skopje were killed. The perpetrators are now at large; they are no longer considered terrorists. At the same time, the opera singer, actor and director are now considered as such.

Behind the scenes of all these events, in fact, there is the US Embassy in Macedonia, which wants to set up its own ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia - EADaily) to force the country into NATO. It is because the people here do not want to join NATO, and they are very suspicious towards the EU. But if the current government starts repressions, then the probability of this increases, as people are frightened, and those who raised their voice are now thrown into jail.

These arrests are of a political nature. A man who has never held a pistol in his hands, and never used anything more dangerous than a kitchen knife, cannot be accused of terrorism and punished by at least a ten-year sentence.

Politicians persistently, parrot-like, repeat that for us there is only one way - Euro-Atlantic integration. But the people do not think so. This can be seen from the reaction of viewers who call us in the morning airtime and call their real names and surnames; it can be seen from social networks. The owner of Macedonia, who keeps the country in slavery (USA), is at the moment afraid of what the VMRO party promised - organization of a referendum on each of these decisions. Just as he was frightened and did not allow a similar referendum in Montenegro.

EADaily reminds that a video recording of the performance of the opera singer Igor Durlovski at a rally in the Macedonian capital on April 3, 2017 is now available on YouTube video hosting. Durlovski then said that the protesters were out on the streets for 36 days, and the authorities might have thought that the demonstrators would simply get tired. "Their expectations may turn out to be true if it we were talking about people who receive money for their participation. But I want to say that they were mistaken," Durlovski said then.

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