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Ukrainian Security Service refutes reports on attempt on Poroshenko's life

The Ukrainian Security Service has refuted reports that it thwarted an assassination attempt on President Petro Poroshenko during his visit to Avdeevka. As the press office of the service says, the reports were disseminated by unknown individuals.

“The Ukrainian Security Service refutes a report that was allegedly disseminated from its press office’s e-mail late on October 23. The fake news was sent from a neighboring country from [email protected] with the true e-mail of the press office being replaced,” the statement runs.

The press office specifies that the e-mail and web resources of the service were not hacked.

Earlier, Vesti-Ukraine reported citing the press office of the Ukrainian Security Service that an assassination attempt on life of Petro Poroshenko was thwarted in Avdeevka. Reportedly, during the operation, two participants of a group planning to kill the president were eliminated.

Before that, sources at the Security Service announced that an unknown person called the Kharkov Regional Department of the Ukrainian Security Service and claimed that there would be an attempt on Poroshenko’s life during his visit to Kharkov Region.

Poroshenko visited Avdeevka on October 22. The president had a meeting with local residents and troops of the 72nd Motorized Brigade and had a discussion with security officers. The Ukrainian president promised to do his best to introduce international peacekeepers to the region including the border section between Russia and Donbass.

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