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Opinion: sales of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan must not be politicized

Andranik Mihranyan

Russian political analyst, Armenian by origin, Andranik Mihranyan believes that the issue of Russian arms sale to Azerbaijan is unduly politicized.

He said arms supply is much spoken of, while the arms market is large and has many actors. “Consequently, if you have money, you can buy arms wherever you want. Azerbaijan can afford buying arms from Turkey. However, as it was repeatedly mentioned before, acquisition of weapons from Russia by Azerbaijan helps us keep its capacity under control,” Mihranyan told journalists in Yerevan.

Nevertheless, the expert believes that Armenia’s response is quite natural, since it is a very sensitive issue. Despite this, it is necessary to remember that Russia is Armenia’s strategic ally, the two countries are CSTO members, and Moscow has certain commitments. “Well, this organization has countries with their specific interests. Kazakhstan, is like a Trojan Horse, Belarus President Lukashenko lacks any moral principles,” Mihranyan said.

He is sure that the quantity and quality of the weapons sold to Armenia and Azerbaijan are worth consideration. “Russia is well aware of its commitments as Armenia’s ally and will implement them, should the need arise,” the political analyst said recalling the supply of Iskander missile systems to Armenia.

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