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Transnistrian parliament dissatisfied with government’s work

On June 29 Prime Minister of Transnistria Pavel Prokudin reported to the parliament on his Cabinet’s work in 2015.

He said that last year Transnistria faced serious foreign political and economic problems and lost some sales markets due to falling prices and currency rates.

“All that was a serious blow for our economy. But we still managed to keep our industry working and to continue our social policies,” Prokudin said.

He said that high priority was given to import-substitution and industrial production.

“We managed to prevent our currency from falling and to keep our living standard on a normal level,” Prokudin said.

But the MPs were of a different opinion. They said that the government was not efficient in its anti-crisis policy. “One of the reasons is that the government was unaware of the basic economic principles and used wrong instruments,” the MPs said.

MP Viktor Guzun said that last year Transnistria’s GDP shrank by 20.2%, industrial production dropped by 15.4%, exports dropped by 14.6%, imports dropped by 30.4%. The same is true for investments and tax revenues. “Last year almost 6,000 people lost jobs. This is what our government achieved last year. This is a real disaster,” Guzun said.

“Today, all branches of our government must forget their personal ambitions and interests and must have just one goal – to ensure sustainable economic development – and must move towards it shoulder to shoulder,” Prokudin said.

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