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Why is Belarus arming Ukraine and Middle East terrorists?

Nikolai Malishevski. Photo from his personal archive

Belorussian political analyst Nikolai Malishevski has told EADaily about the role and the goals of Belarus in the processes developing around Russia.

The Kiev-based Nazi oligarchic authorities, whom they in Moscow keep calling “our partners” keep mocking their “partners” by threatening Gazprom with huge fines and openly preparing for a war with Russia. They are sending troops to the eastern front, blockading Crimea and Transnistria and recruiting terrorists from Turkey.

The partners from Minsk are well aware of this. In 2014, they were among the first to support the Ukrainian troops in Donbass. They knew that the Kiev junta had no money and could stop them by just refusing to sell them fuel. But instead they sold them 12% more oil products on credit in February-April than in the similar period of the year before. The drastic rise in the imports from Belarus coincided with the start of military action in Novorossiya.

Belarus supports not only Ukraine by renovating and repairing its military hardware, but also some Wahhabi monarchies and their accomplices in the Middle East. The contacts with Qatar were established long before the wars in Syria and Ukraine. The Qataris needed them for being able to play a game against Russian potassium companies and Gazprom right in their backyard. And the Belarussians were not against: in early 2010, they announced a plan to host Qatari banks and business centers and to give their Qatari friends potassium salt and iron ore fields, hunting lands and lots of other things. Shortly afterwards they started “potassium wars” against the Russians and began arresting the managers of some Russian potassium companies.

Today, even the most prominent Russian patriots like Yevgeny Satanovsky make it public that the arms sold by Belarus to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates is being resold to ISIL (or DAISH – a terror organization banned in Russia), while Lukashenko is supplying diesel fuel to Ukraine and is helping the Ukrainians to repair their weapons. After the start of the war in Ukraine Belarus’s trade with that country grew by more than 100 times.

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