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“Putin’s truth” vs. “Obama’s lie”: war is around the corner

As various sociological services and the media have summed up the results of surveys and the international audience’s response to the remarks by the Russian and U.S. presidents at the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly, one could feel surprised and vexed at the same time – surprised at their incompetence and vexed at the fate of mankind.

What made the hard and quite undiplomatic speech of the Russian leader clear and admissible to most people in many countries, even in the United States? There is only one reason: Vladimir Putin told the truth.  Broadly speaking, Putin rarely dodges in international issues. He prefers presenting Russia’s stands, his own views and assessments openly. Yet this does not guarantee that the Russian leader will win this global conflict that is due to grow into military confrontation. One can speak from different points of view and sometimes the truth sounds like a voice in the wilderness.

It happens when people lack proper information channels, when information does not reach the target or reaches it too late for the recipient to be able to change anything.

As for the American President Barack Obama, since the day of his inauguration and the moment when his Nobel Peace Prize drop from the clouds, he has not made any distinct speech concerning the dramatic situation on the Earth and, particularly, in the regions where U.S. operates. Quite the contrary, with an art worthy of a better cause Obama keeps insisting that U.S. is a global leader and the American nation is unique, as well as that the domestic model of democracy in America is exemplary, as it ensures the country’s leadership position globally. It appears that such statements by the present leader of the United States have little relation to the current dramatic developments and dangerous tendencies U.S. gave birth to. What will be next?  

Unfortunately, the developments on the international arena do not depend on what the leaders say. In fact, they depend on what these leaders are guided with in their actions and what resources they rely upon. This simple logic shows that “Putin’s truth”  -  clear and accessible to the ordinary citizens in various countries as it reasons from reality and is built upon acknowledged standards and benchmarks – influences the international political situation as much as Russia does i.e. in a limited way. Actually, Obama’s statements disconnected from reality lay down a smoke-screen that hides an enormously powerful and influential mechanism of information and military terror called the United States.

U.S. is patiently waging a deliberate policy of surrounding and pressing Russia year after year. At first, U.S. orchestrated revolutions in the neighbor states where now the U.S. –controlled marionette regimes operate against Russia. This operation is reaching the critical stage.

U.S. policy is based on active measures restricting Russia’s foreign policy, splitting and destabilizing the area of its vital interests. Information dominance is what ensures the efficiency of the U.S. policy. The life creates information, while information dictates the life. Information resources have global influence not only because of the influential TV and Radio corporations of the United States, but also because it controls the information channels in the countries bordering with Russia and in many others.  For instance, the December 7 news feed of “Azatutyun” Radio (RFE/RL Armenian Service) consisted of three news items in Armenian:

1. The visit of Vice President Joe Biden to Kiev. The radio host cited the vice president in a businesslike manner as saying: “I think I tend to be in more direct conversation for longer periods of time with the President than with my wife.” Biden met with President Petro Poroshenko in Kiev on December 7 and announced new financial aid of $190 million to help Ukraine implement reforms.

2.  A baby tiger died from frostbite at zoo in Crimea. The TV host said the zoo director claims the animal died of food poisoning, but the staff tells the true story – the tiger cub froze to death.

3. The Time Magazine has published the short listed candidates for the title “The Man of the Year,” among them were President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Leader of the “Islamic State” group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

These were the three key events for the Armenian radio audience for today – December 7 – the day when Armenia marks the anniversary of the disastrous earthquake of 1988. Furthermore, a day before, on December 6, Armenia held a nation-wide Referendum of Constitutional Amendments. America’s brainwashing has turned bizarre and extremely cynical. U.S. spares no effort to demonize Russia and its leader. Meantime, the baby tiger froze to death at zoo in Crimea because of the provocative actions of U.S. and Turkish proxies. Yet, the radio audience is focused away from that fact. Neither should it know what U.S. Vice President Biden could talk to the president of the huge sovereign state – Ukraine – all days long. 

Washington seeks to create instability zone under cover of democracy and human rights protection. Let us try to prove this on the example of Ukraine. Biden’s visit to Ukraine is presented as an act of solidarity and assistance.

In fact, Washington’s pittances to Kiev will change nothing either for Ukraine or its long-suffering people. Washington’s puppet-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko could invest in economy of Ukraine those hundreds of millions of dollars from his pocket money and would not even feel any shortage.  In the current situation Biden’s pittances will be enough for the Ukrainian elite, if it can be called so, to show off in Kiev’s restaurants a bit longer and to travel to Europe and U.S. one more time, and buy a few new cars. That money will have no serious impact on the current state of affairs.  Neither would Obama’s hypocritical rhetoric for the world do. U.S. has achieved what it sought - chaos in Ukraine. They took control of Odessa to increase their influence on Transnistria and Donbass.  We have reliable data that U.S. strategists are engaged in redeployment of Islamists from the Middle East terrorist groups and Turkish radical nationalists to Ukraine via Odessa Port.

Ukraine that once refused from Russia’s concessional loan of US$15 billion now receives several hundreds of millions from U.S. funds and does it not to prevent the approaching energy collapse or devastation of  Donbass, not to stabilize the financial system that is on the verge of default after refusing to repay sovereign debts.  They do it to support the inert power of Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and Turchinov – U.S. proxies that are leading Ukraine to a new fratricidal war against Russia. The new wave of hostilities will be even more severe, as due to the U.S. policy restraining Russia, the Ukrainian junta received time and money to restore its military capacity and recruit more people, including Islamists from the Middle East.

Joe Biden’s latest visit to Ukraine is a sure sign of the approaching new phase of escalation in the conflict zone in Donbass.

Preparations for Ukraine’s new aggression against Donbass and the energy blockade of Crimea come amid escalating relations of Russia and Turkey. Like in the case of the U.S.-led Ukraine, the instigator and provocateur is Turkey – USA’s junior, bolder and more dangerous partner, whose air force shot down a Russian warplane over the territory of a third country without any reason.  Yet the provocation needs no reason, as it is a reason itself. 

Actually, U.S. and its allies will be using every opportunity to impose excessive spending and victims on Russia.  To a large extent, the limited assistance to Ukraine means that U.S. has not planned to undertake any serious financial burden to stabilize the situation in Ukraine.  Washington is sure that Russia should carry that burden as Ukraine and Ukrainians are part of the life and heart of Russia and the Russians irrespective of what Obama, Biden, Poroshenko, and Yatsenyuk say. Today, Putin has to tear this tissue off Russia’s body, withstanding the temptation to extend a friendly hand to Ukraine and forgive it again.  However, it will cost it high to help and forgive those who are already controlled by the enemy. Therefore, Ukraine is doomed to wretched existence and will be plunging deeper and deeper into crisis and chaos. This is what U.S. wants! This is what their proxies in Kiev are leading Ukraine to!

Ukraine is an important but not the key front of Washington’s fight against Russia. The major events for Washington are happening in the Middle East now. Here the United States has actually achieved what it had been striving for from the very beginning – redrawing of the region’s map, destruction of the undesirable regimes and countries. Greater Middle East is at a stage of reshaping and U.S. cannot put up with Russia’s active participation in that process. Turkey unleashed the conflict with Russia deliberately, which sparked upsurge of tensions in the region. The Transcaucasia and Central Asia overestimate the geopolitical and economic situation. Nearly all the countries in the region are preparing for war. It appears that a large-scale engagement in the visible future is inevitable.

 “Putin’s truth” is so far yielding to “Obama’s lie” because Obama is not responsible for his actions. U.S. denies responsibility for attacking and destroying independent states – Iraq, Syria, Libya – without sanctions of the international community and creating spots of controlled chaos that is spilling over into the neighbor countries and regions.  U.S. denies responsibility for its “irresponsible money,” for what it has done with the global economy.  U.S. seeks profits growing at an exponential rate, as its debt is growing the same way. In this light, Barack Obama represents the irresponsible system and denies responsibility for both his actions and his country. In this sense, Putin is Obama’s opposite, as he has assumed the responsibility for the entire system of power in Russia and for Russia built on that system.  Therefore, he will keep telling the truth.

At the current stage of the conflict, Russia will have to respond strictly to every new action of the United States and its allies. Russia must further respond strictly and instantly to any new provocation, like it was with unification of Crimea and the launch of the operation in Syria. Russia should raise the stake and step up efforts to resolve the conflict, as “it is impossible to bear the current situation in the world any longer.”  Meantime, the economic situation inside Russia will be deteriorating too. Eventually, it is the TRUTH and the readiness to fall for it that will save Russia. All resources should be used to increase the offensive capacity of the country, minimize the outflow of the capital and migration, as well as expand the military control. The war is around the corner.  Russia must be ready to win for the TRUTH once again.

Vigen Akopyan, EADaily editor-in-chief

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