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Latvian parliamentarian: We ought to cooperate with Russia against terrorism

Janis Adamsons. Photo: LETA

“After the shootings at Charlie Hebdo editorial office, everyone decided that the situation is under control. In fact, what we have is total disorder,” Veiko Spolītis, a member of the Seima (Unity Party) told Latvian Radio 4.

“Can anyone blame Latvia for not initiating a fight against terrorism while it was chairing the European Union (in the first half of 2015 – EADaily)? No, because the European Union is a consensus of twenty-eight countries. However, I agree that there is total disorder at the EU. Can we correct our attitude to the refugee problem? Migrants will always be. There is no way around it. If there is no solidarity, there will be no EU either. Meantime, we need the European Union very much,” the politician said.

As to the ruling coalition’s stance on the cooperation with Russia in the fight against terrorism, Veiko Spolītis said there would be no cooperation between Russia and the EU until the Crimea issue is resolved. “I think we must care for the integrity of the countries in Europe first. Russia has already lost its chance,” he said.

An opposition parliamentarian Janis Adamsons (former interior minister of Latvia) opposed Spolītis saying if anyone wants to send a terrorist to any country, he sends him among refugees – it is a keystone.

But for the Crimea, Adamson said, Europe could flare today like Donbass. He believes it necessary to find common points with Russia, U.S., Algeria, and the fight against terrorism is one of those common points. “Russia has more experience in fighting terrorism than the entire EU,” he said warning that “the Islamic State” has already obtained chemical weapons and is ready to use it.  He is sure that there will be no success without cooperation.

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