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Russian Air Force hits targets of terrorists in Hama, Homs and Raqqa

Russian Air Force fighter jets at Khmeimim air base. Photo: ria.ru

Russian Air Force fighter jets made 22 combat flights from Khmeimim airfield in Latakia on October 8. The crew of SU-34, Su-24M, and Su-25 hit 27 targets of terrorists in the territory of Syria.  The Russian Defense Ministry Information Department reports that the units of the “Islamic State” terrorist group that commit atrocities against the local civilian population came under mass bombing.

Su-24M and Su-34 fighter bombers attacked 8 strong points of the militants near the populated areas in Homs province. The fighter bombers destroyed the fortifications of the Islamists. Detonation of ammunition, explosive substances and lubricants caused flame in the area.  Su-34 destroyed the combat positions of terrorists in the area of Safsafa. Precision strikes with concrete-piercing bombs hit underground shelters of militants that were exposed by the space reconnaissance in Arafit and Salma settlements.

Su-25 and Su-34 strike fighters attacked 11 training camps of the “Islamic State” militants in Hama and Raqqa provinces destroying the training infrastructures. Reconnaissance drones detected ISIL’s camouflaged base in the forest near a populated area. Two strike fighters Su-25 attacked the given target completely destroying the buildings and fortifications the militants used as shelter.  Severe fire broke out in the territory of the base.

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