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Ukrainian activists block Transnistria border

Photo: NTV

An action aimed at economic blockade of Transnistria has started in Odessa Region today, on September 21, Odessa headquarters of the Azov Civil Corps state on their Vkontakte account.

The statement runs: “On the Ukrainian-Transnistrian border goes on an action of solidarity with the Ukrainians of Transnistria and Crimea. The event was organized by Transnistrians Union of Ukraine with the help of the Odesa branch of Civil Corps "AZOV." The action aims to remind of the fact that the territory, in which the Russian army is "flexing its muscles" is occupied. And Ukrainians who remained in their land are subject to persecution and oppression by the occupiers," said the head of Odessa's Civil Corps "AZOV" Svargoslav. The action is consistent with the Security Service, Interior Ministry and other agencies of Ukraine.”

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Published on September 21st, 2015 03:57 PM
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